Home Health How long does Contoura surgery last?

How long does Contoura surgery last?

How long does Contoura surgery last?

In this article, we will discuss Contoura Vision correction and how long it lasts. Contoura vision correction is a kind of LASIK. Contoura vision surgery is a kind of LASIK surgery, and it is FDA approved and used to correct refractive errors using laser vision correction technologies. Before you go under laser vision correction, a test will be performed called corneal topography, which measures the shape of your cornea, the thickness of your cornea, and any other irregularities that may be there on your cornea. Suppose there are minor refractive errors, irregularities, or differences in the shape. In that case, your laser vision correction should also be customized or personalized to your unique eye, and that is what Contoura does. 

The main thing in Contoura is the accuracy of correcting the vision. The technique is pre-operative, this thing is measuring a thing called high order aberrations using a topolizer which measures almost 22000 points on the cornea because each eye will have different power, different amounts of astigmatism, and curvature which will be measured using a topolizer, and is fed into the machine so that the accuracy of laser ablation is not only to correct the refractive error along with that it corrects the ablation part so that the patient will not only get 20/20, patients gets way beyond success vision in Contoura vision. The Contoura vision has a very speedy recovery where within 24 hours, the patient will be able to read almost equal to 95-98% on the first post day, and few patients read even way beyond 20/20.

Benefits Contoura vision correction- 

The first benefit is that it can correct astigmatism even above one diopter. The amount of night glare or night driving comfort zone after the surgery is very good. The recovery part is high-speed, and higher-order ablations are corrected very accurately using Contoura vision correction. Contrast sensitivity is well maintained even post-refractive procedure. 

For patients with high cylindrical power or astigmatism, contoura vision correction surgery is much more suitable. It is a personalised treatment, so usually, when a refractive error is corrected, power is measured and then enter the power parameters into the machine, and it corrects power according to what is entered; the corneal shape is different and unique for each person so when there is a higher cylindrical power due to curvature in the cornea, it is better to have a more customised or personalised treatment, and that is what Contoura does. 

So, coming to how long does Contoura surgery last? So it is a 15-20 min procedure without any discomfort. In contoura vision surgery, the corneal surface tissues are permanently removed from the surface of the cornea, which keeps the effects of contoura vision surgery long life and permanent. Contoura vision can correct problems with distance vision which is minus power, astigmatism and plus power vision as well. Contoura vision surgery corrects your refractive error and the small regularities or problems that are present in your cornea. The effects of Contoura vision surgery are permanent, and it is the best surgery to consider to correct your vision problems. 


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